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Google’s Chrome Web Store Adds Section For Offline Apps...

Frickin finally. I griped about this this over a year ago, A glance around the Chrome Webstore when Google first launched the webstore, along with a lot of other people who complained apps were glorified icon links.

The issue once again come up with the reviews of the latest Chromebook / Chromebox. It doesn’t work yet reliably without connection. This move will alleviate this somewhat.

I still think Google should open Chrome OS for official download onto old netbooks / laptops. Get people used to operating this way, perhaps maybe even slow the flow of tablet use [to iPad]. They could even limit it to a specific tier of services and apps. I suspect the hardware partners are the reason this hasn’t happened. But they could look at this as getting people invested in this way of working and sell them a device later?

Google Chrome - Linux

I was already smitten that the download went well and i got Chrome running on my Aspire One netbook, it browses just as speedy as in Windows. The kicker though has to be accidentally discovering you can glide between open tabs using the scroll area to the side of the touch pad, niiiiice. Give it a try.